Hotel M Grand

A Refreshing Spot with all Varieties

There are many places to visit when it is a weekend. We go out to have refreshments at these places. But, if these places are added with some tasty food items, snacks, desserts, and beverages, then it could be heaven. One such kind of heaven is Hotel M Grand. Yes! Our place is the best spot for relaxing and refreshing yourself from all the stress with amazing food items, snacks and desserts. Our extensive range of food and our refreshing ambiance would be the best choice for you if you are looking for someplace to hang out. 

Your weekends and special meets are made into perfect memories if you are at Hotel M grand. We have all kinds of snacks that are spicy, sweet, and tangy too that suit best to your taste buds. Our staff serve you with utmost pleasure especially Robot and treat you with much care. All the food items prepared at our place are done by following all the precautions to serve the food with hygiene. We follow all the Covid protocols and sanitize our premises and our staff is properly covered with masks and hair caps so that no one gets affected by any other problems. 

We deliver our food items in pretty sufficient portions. All our food items are prepared using fresh raw materials and by professional cooks. We serve almost all kinds of food items like chicken biriyani, muttonbiriyani, tikka, rolls, mutton, fish, south indian tali, snacks, desserts, mocktails, mojitos, and beverages. 

Hotel M Grand stands out to be the best place for relaxing and as it is well known for its delicious food items, there is no turning back once you step into our place as we are sure that you will be visiting regularly for our amazing atmosphere and food. Visit Hotel M Grand to experience all this by yourself and indulge in the taste of our yummy foods which your tummies always crave for. Only some refreshing atmosphere and relishes of food items can act as medicine for our stressed minds are tired souls. It may be a “Me” time or else a small “group” gathering Hotel M Grand is the best choice to visit. 

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